Solar Energy Suppliers in Jamaica

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Solar Energy Suppliers in Jamaica

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Solar Energy Suppliers in Jamaica Tip

Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Looking to Install a Solar Power System. Jamaica home owner must read. 

Solar energy is an inexpesive and clean way to power residential homes. Going green, living off the grid, and homesteading are popular today but not exactly realistic for most of us. However, by installing a solar power system in your home, you are going green and saving money, as long as you avoid the most common pitfalls homeowners make when looking to install a solar power system in their home. Read on to learn about the top ten most expensive mistakes to avoid.

 Installing a Small System and Expecting Big Power

If you install a small system and expect it to run your refrigerator and air conditioner, you're bound to be disappointed. You will find you're spending more on electricity from the grid than you imagined. Talk to us today about your solr power Jamaica needs.

 Not Checking the Competition

Chances are, there are enough solar companies who sell, lease and install sloar panels for you to get at least two quotes before making a decision. Talk to us about our solar power systems in Jamaica.

 Not Researching Financial Options

There are financing options for solar energy systems out there as well as different loans you can access to go solar without needing a large sum of cash up front.

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 Trying to Install DIY

Unless you're a trained solar power technician, we do not recommend you try this on your own. Talk to us about our solar power panels in Jamaica

 Waiting Too long

If you keep putting off converting to solar power, you will miss out on government incentives and rebates. Also as the cost of electricity rises, you are losing money by not going solar.

 Installing an Off-Grid System When it's Not Needed

Unless you live out in the middle of nowhere, you don't need an off-grid system. In fact, many states, like Arizona, require residents who have solar panels to still connect to the grid for safety reasons.


 Installing a New Solar System on an Old Roof

Is your roof strong enough to hold solar panels? Is it structurally sound? If not, putting solar panels on an old roof will only cause more problems. Consider replacing an old roof before going solar.

 Not Making Other Enegy-Efficient Upgrades to the Home

The United States tops the list when it comes to wasting energy. One reason for this a lack of updating on older houses. Heat escapes through old, drafty windows. Old dishwashers and toilets, for example, use more water than then modern versions. If you're considering going solar, consider complementing this with other upgrades around the hosue to maximize energy use. Call us if you need more info on solar energy suppliers in Jamaica....

 Here are some common solar power suppliers Jamaica questions...

Question: Is there a way I can use solar power and grid power simultaneously?

This is very possible…grid-connected systems are basically operated this way and they use the grid as a battery (giant one) that complements the solar production.
solar energy companies in Jamaica west indies
Now what you need is an inverter designed for grid-connected systems, which basically makes sure the solar production is turned off during power outages for security reasons (to prevent feeding back into the grid during times when for instance grid operators are doing maintenance and think they have disconnected the power. islanding is required of grid-connected system in these conditions.

Question: Are solar panels cost effective?
Solar photovoltaic panels are already cost effective in some (but not all) places and are becoming cost effective in more places as their prices drop.

What conditions make solar energy more advantageous?
Bright sunny climate (more power generation per panel)
High cost of conventional electricity
Situations that reduce installation costs (new homes, roofs that need replacing)
Needing to hook up to the grid
Alternate power source to "fill in the gaps"
Very low power requirements

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Solar Energy Suppliers in Jamaica

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Solar Energy Suppliers in Jamaica

Solar Energy Suppliers in Jamaica
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