Solar Power Companies in Jamaica

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Solar Power Companies in Jamaica

Choosing  from the many solar power companies in Jamaica can be the most challenging part of your solar buying process. While solar equipment can be classified by product specification, and financing options have costs and benefits that can be calculated and compared with consistent assumptions, solar company reviews with standard metrics are difficult to find in Jamaica at the tie of this writing. Hopefully this will change in the near future..

 solar power companies in Jamaica

The good news is that there are plenty of solar installers out there with well-trained and experienced staff. Solicit multiple quotes from pre-screened solar companies in Jamaica by asking them to coe and give you a quote. Don't be alarmed if some tell you that there will be a service charge for a solar power quote. Jamaica solar power companies sometimes charge for quotations as there is a cost for them to come to your premises.

Once done, use the following tips to understand how to choose a solar company in Jamaica. 

What to look for when choosing a solar power company in Jamaica

Any installer that you consider when conducting solar company reviews should meet a few basic characteristics: 


Your installer should have expertise in installing solar energy systems. Ask them for referrals from other customers and do call them. We suggest that you ask for  minimum of 3 to 5 customer referrals. 

Track record and experience

Solar is a growing industry that attracts professionals from many backgrounds. Contractors that once focused on other types of projects are extending their practice into solar installation. When conducting solar reviews, make sure the solar power companies in Jamaica has an established solar track record. A solar provider should be able to discuss and show you systems installed for previous clients. 

Solar Power Companies in Jamaica - Do they have reviews?

Solar company reviews from past customers are great for evaluating installers, but they can be misleading. Customers providing ratings and reviews are unlikely to be a representative sample relevant to you. However, ratings and reviews can provide a check on bad behavior – a pattern of customer complaints is probably an indication that you should work with a different installer.

solar power companies in Jamaica

Solar Companies in Jamaica - Workmanship warranties

Workmanship warranties are specific to the work of designing and constructing the solar energy system, and generally range from 1 to 25 years. While you can sometimes purchase a separate contract for the operation and maintenance of your solar panel system, in most cases, it is better to pay for an installation from a qualified installer with a solid workmanship warranty. Looking for one of the best solar power companies in Jamaica? Contact us today by completing from below.

Selective use of sub-contractors and effective oversight

Solar installers sometimes rely on sub-contractors to perform specific tasks during an installation. The best installers are transparent about how and why they use sub-contractors, and they use effective oversight whenever sub-contractors are involved.

When a sub-contractor brings a particular expertise or has a longstanding relationship with the installer, these arrangements can work quite well. Be wary of any solar company that sub-contracts all of its work or presents you with a contract from a company with a different name. It is important to know who exactly will be standing behind your installation.

 Find out which types of solar systems they offer

There are many pieces of hardware involved in a home solar installation. Solar panels, inverters, wiring and cables. Many (even most) solar installation companies tend to “Frankenstein” their solar systems together without testing how they’ll really perform in the real world. This may cause problems. Not just problems in the initial installation, but down the road in terms of overall system performance.

 solar energy companies in Jamaica

If you’re shelling out hundreds of thousands of your hard earned Jamaican dollars on a solar system, make sure that the solar power companies in Jamaica that you chose from are using quality equipment that works well together. They should be able to provide you with an accurate energy estimate for how much your system will produce each year. If you choose wisely, it’s likely that your system will be generating energy for decades. 

Find out how long they’ve been installing solar 

Yes, it’s true that every master was once a beginner. However, experience matters in solar. When people are attaching heavy equipment to your roof, tying it to your electrical system, and in most cases allowing you to sell energy back to the JPS grid, you want someone who knows what they’re doing. Contact one of the best solar power companies i Jamaica by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

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Jamaica Solar Power Companies Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Solar Power Companies in Jamaica West Indies

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