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Why Go Solar? The Nine Benefits of Solar Energy in Jamaica

The world runs on energy — it powers our lives and all of the things in it. Up until quite recently, though, we got the lion’s share of that energy from non-renewable resources that are bad for our environment: things like coal, which is being implemented in Jamaica. Solar energy, on the other hand, is a clean and renewable resource that’s been getting a lot more attention as of late and Jamaica being a tropical island with lots of sunshine is ideally suited for renewable solar power energy. Jamaica home owners and business owners say we are #1 when it comes to affordable solar energy quotations in Jamaica 


Solar energy has been around for several decades, and recently, it’s become more affordable than ever. More and more homeowners are getting on board with solar panels and the energy they harness because the benefits of solar energy are clearer than ever. Here are the top ten benefits of solar energy.


  1.  Solar can save you a lot of money. Conservative estimates put savings at around USD$50 per month, but if you live in a sunny area or a state where conventional energy is expensive, you can save even more — as much as USD $30,000 or more over 20 years.
  2.  Solar can actually earn you money. This is all thanks to SRECs, or solar renewable energy credits. The utility company may actually pay you for the energy you generate but don’t use, and you can earn some money.
  3.  Solar panels can increase the value of your home. Just like an updated kitchen, a solar panel system is a huge selling point of any home. 
  4.   Solar panels last a long time. Most panels come with a 20 or 25 year warranty, and many will work to harness the sun’s energy for much longer than that. Be sure to ask your Jamaica solar panel installer what is the warranty on the solar panels that they are installing for you. 
  5.  Solar reduces your dependence on fossil fuels. What happens when we run out of fossil fuels? These may be natural resources, but they’re by no means renewable resources. By using solar energy, you either reduce your dependency on these resources or eliminate it altogether.
  6.   Solar reduces your dependence on foreign energy. This helps the Jamaican economy by creating jobs and keeping money here rather than sending it overseas.
  7.  Solar means you’re not subject to volatile energy costs. The price of household electricity is not a fixed number; it varies by parish and it can fluctuate throughout the year. This volatility can make it difficult for the average homeowner to budget for utility bills. When you use solar, however, this is no longer a concern.
  8.  Solar is reliable. The sun comes up every day, and even if it’s obscured by clouds during a rainy spell, there’s still enough sunlight to generate energy. With solar, you’ll always have power.
  9. Solar is good clean energy. Unlike other forms of energy, solar is sustainable. There are no CO2 emissions, no concerns about a harmful spill, and no negative implications on the Jamaican environment.

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